Restoring Integrity: The Comprehensive Services of Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction

Sep 8, 2023

In the face of property damage, whether it’s due to water, mold, or other unforeseen circumstances, the need for a reliable restoration service becomes paramount. Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction stands out as a beacon of hope, offering a range of services that not only restore properties but also bring back peace of mind to its inhabitants.

About Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction

With over 25 years of dedicated service in Southern California, Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction has built a reputation that resonates with its name. Their commitment to providing one-on-one personal service, clear communication, and best-case scenario options has earned them the trust of both residential and commercial clients. Holding a California General Contractor B license, they specialize in a plethora of restoration services, ensuring that every client’s unique needs are met with expertise and precision.

Water Damage Restoration: Turning the Tide

Water-related disasters, be it from plumbing failures, storm damage, or leaks, require immediate attention. Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction understands the urgency and offers 24-hour emergency services. Their team is equipped to mitigate, dry, and restore properties, ensuring that the damage is contained and reversed. From water extraction to disinfecting and stabilizing contents, their comprehensive approach ensures that properties are returned to their former glory.

Mold Remediation: Breathing Easy

The presence of mold can be a silent threat, affecting the health of inhabitants and the integrity of structures. Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction offers a complete mold remediation service, ensuring that homes and businesses are free from this potentially dangerous contamination. Their certified mold specialists are trained to handle even the most challenging mold situations, including the removal of dangerous black mold.

Trauma Scene and Biohazard Cleaning: Handling with Care

Certain situations, like trauma scenes or bio-hazards, require a delicate and professional approach. Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction is trained to handle such scenarios, ensuring that affected areas are cleaned, sanitized, and restored to safety. Whether it’s a bio-hazard situation resulting from bodily fluids or a trauma scene cleanup, their team approaches each task with care, discretion, and expertise.

Sewage Cleanup: Sanitizing the Unthinkable

Sewage damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only does it cause significant property damage, but it also poses severe health risks. Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction offers a comprehensive sewage cleanup service, ensuring that properties are sanitized and restored to their original state. Their team follows strict guidelines and procedures, ensuring that every challenge posed by a sewage damage loss is effectively addressed.

Additional Services: Beyond Restoration

Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction’s commitment to their clients goes beyond just restoration. They offer a range of cleaning services, from air duct & HVAC cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, to home allergy relief. Each service is designed to ensure that homes and businesses are not only restored but also maintained in pristine condition.


Integrity Restoration & Reconstruction is more than just a restoration service; it’s a promise of reliability, expertise, and dedication. With a comprehensive range of services and a team of experienced professionals, they ensure that every client’s property is treated with care, precision, and, most importantly, integrity.

Worker in hazmat suit inspecting damaged wall.